Thursday, January 30, 2014

My first attempt at a blog - My story preface

As I sit and think about what I can write that will be enjoyed and be a benefit to others I had the thought come to mind to share my story with others. I have had many of my friends say I need to share my story with a larger audience. This will be my first attempt at this. I am extremely blessed. I have a wonderful job I love. A wonderful family with a woman that I admire more than I could ever describe in words as a wife, and 5 wonderful children at this time. This being the case I have not lived a simple or easy life. I grew up through many struggles. These ranged from sexual and physical abuse, to homelessness and hunger, to being taken from my family, ending up in foster care and the state custody. I also have had other struggles I brought upon myself addictions to smoking and drinking, relationships that many consider common now, that I have since learned do not bring true happiness, and sorrow and loss of friends due to bad choices. The things I have lived through I would not change for the most wonderful life I can imagine though. Because of the things I have experienced I am who I am now. I have gained a relationship with God (My Heavenly Father) that is more valuable to me than any earthly possession. This has grown and been strengthened through many experiences out of my control, and some that were in my control. I have gained strength through my beliefs that has rooted the problems of my past from my heart and soul and replaced them with a love of everyone I meet. Sometimes this love causes me sorrow, but more often than not it sheds light on the amazing attributes of those around me. My hope is to create a blog that will share my past and many of the struggles I have faced, and how I was able to overcome them and replace them with the joy that I now enjoy. In the process I hope to help as many as possible to draw nearer to Christ, and those with whom they interact. As I do this I will rely heavily on those reading my blog and attempt to focus on areas that are relevant to them. I hope you enjoy!!!


  1. I have really enjoyed reading your posts. I am very impressed with your willingness to put yourself out there, it takes a lot of soul searching to be "ok" with opening up to others. I know, and have long thought that if we all were more open, we could be better at serving those around us. But that is something that I think Satan uses as a tool... he wants us to all be ashamed of things that happened in our past so that we close off others that just want to be there to help, and more importantly, close off the Lord who ultimately is the one who can take that pain, or anger, hurt, and sadness away and replace it with joy, and strength, and love.

    I commend you for allowing others in so that they may feel they can do the same, or that at least they can empathize with those that maybe be going through struggles that may appear to be one thing on the outside, but what really might be the issue is far from seen by no other than the Lord.

    Keep it up my friend!!

    Kris P

    1. Thanks, I have felt this an important thing to do. And I am grateful to be able to hopefully bless others through my blog. I recently thought about a comment in my patriarchal blessing that says I will touch the lives of many through my writings. I believe this will be a part of that promise.