Friday, January 31, 2014

Audio File - Change...

Besides the fact that converting the file or finding a way to play it back is a royal pain.  After reviewing the file I am concerned to let it be played publicly since it could incriminate others and I do not want that to be done.  I will not be releasing the audio file for that reason.  As I continue to do this blog I will likely change names of those that must be referenced in order to not shed a bad light on any that have been involved with the struggles I have faced. 

I believe strongly that people change and grow and the past is the past.  I want to show the utmost respect for all that have impacted my life.  I believe strongly that people can repent or change the course they are going.  I desire not only to forgive, but hopefully to be forgiven of the wrongs I have done.

I strive in all I do to become as Jesus Christ, whom I believe to have lived a perfect life. 

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