Monday, February 3, 2014

The early years

I am not sure about portions of my younger years.  So as with previous posts, I will have to do some research prior to describing some of these.  Many of these I can share as recalled from my own memory though.  These are a few things that stand out in my life while I was still young.  I will simply relate these as stories as we progress with future posts.  Some have had little impact on my current life, but show some of my attributes that I had at a very young age.  Others greatly impacted my beliefs and the person I am today.

Here are 1 liners about some of the things that came to my mind and that I remember:  I would like your opinions on which of these to focus on first since I cannot concentrate on them all at once.  It also allows you to drive the content of my posts to some degree.  Please post your comments about what you would like more details about and I will try at some point to cover all of these, and would like to focus on the highest interest items first.

Pet frog gets run over story - Oklahoma, also mice in the bed and hot sidewalks

Oklahoma at an older age living with a pastor and his family and attending school with their children for a week or so.

Memory of Texas and driving and looking at lights -

Montana with family from Pinesdale - trip where we almost slid over a cliff (first remembered near death experience), and hit a bird while driving.  Can also discuss time while living in Montana

Idaho and family from there -

Family in Southern Utah and staying with them - 

Shopping for houses - house with big back yard and swing set off of redwood road -

Christmas experiences - The following is a comment from my dad -
"I like the part of your second Christmas. We bought you a pair of gloves. You put them on and with your hands in the air you ran squealing around the house."

Falling through railing from balcony and landing on head on concrete - early home in Taylorsville - house and stairs to upstairs apartment.

Walking to Aunts house naked -
Running naked onstage at a Chinese restaurant - 

(I kind of sense a theme that I didn't like clothes much)

Home where oldest sister was born - helping dad with construction work - big back yard

Memory of house in Kearns and basement - Mom selling Melaleuca products.

Visit to family with pool and memories of first sexual abuses.  

Female relative starts babysitting different relative from above - continued sexual abuse. covers a few years.

Move to house in Taylorsville - horses, goats and other animals. some of the activities - mud pits and holes, cartoons watched, pole vaulting and high jumping and hurdles, newspaper deliveries.  Activities enjoyed as a boy.

Waking up in the middle of the night to help with newspapers.

It is worth the time to state that these are in no chronological order and some of these relate to more than one period of my life.  I will delve into more detail as I continue to describe the events and memories of my childhood.

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