Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Life saving experiences in early years

There are a few times I had my life saved through divine intervention in my early years.  I want to write about these a little.

The first time my life was saved I was less than a year old and had a bowel blockage that nearly cost me my life.  My grandfather (the same one that delivered me) had become concerned enough that he had placed me on adult strength laxatives every two hours and had tried a number of other things to help. 

As the story was related to me.  He showed up one day to see how things were going and placed a hand on my head and appeared to be silently praying.  After being with me this way for a few minutes he turned and stated that I would be ok and left.  About 5 minutes later I had a bowel movement and have never struggled with a blockage since.

The next story I have heard a number of times throughout my life.  I was around 1 and a half years old and was walking.  We lived in an upstairs room in a house in Taylorsville Utah near a mink farm, and I wanted to go outside with my father.  I went out to the stairs and managed to squeeze through the railing and fell onto my head on the concrete a story below.  I was rushed to my grandfather who stated that I should have been dead because of the damage done to my head and was given a blessing.

It is important to note at this time in my post that my beliefs are that my grandfather was a good man.  He led a church known as the AUB (Apostolic United Brethren), and was known as a prophet to that church.  I also believe he had great faith.  That being said I do not believe he had the priesthood or authority to act in the name of God.  Which he previously held before it was removed when he fell away from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

The reason this small blurb is important is because it shows my belief that miracles can be done by faith with or without priesthood power. 

I am not aware of any damage done to my brain or that was retained by this injury.

I will tell one more story though it happened later in my youth, and will leave any others for another post. 

My family and I were driving from Montana back to Utah, and I was old enough to remember this event.  I tell it from my own recollection.  We were driving and it was winter.  There was black ice on the roads and as we were coming around a bend we hit a patch and the car spun out of control.  we slid off to the curb and must have been going 45 miles per hour or so still, and immediately a few angels appeared and stopped the car.  I saw at least 2 angels by the car and told the family about it.  some of my siblings also witnessed the angels. 

We got out of the car and looked around we were about a foot away from a drop off that would have plunged our family (if I remember right - things I have learned seem larger as a child) around 100 feet to our almost certain deaths. 

Now I would like to comment that I write these stories because I believe strongly that the Lord had need of my family still upon this earth.  Do these things happen all the time...  I believe we are spared from things more often than most of us would like to believe.  That being said I know the Lord has accounts written by many in the scriptures of their lives being saved by miraculous means.  I do not believe this makes me special in any way nor do I try to boast in these things.  I share these experiences because I want those who follow this blog to know that because of these experiences and many others I have formed a bond with my Heavenly Father that is in some ways stronger than life itself.  I have learned to trust in God in many cases in ways that would seem naive or even stupid to many. 

As I will point out throughout my future posts.  It is not only my life that has been spared, but I have also been spared from sorrows and anguish and trials I still do not completely understand.  I believe these blessings and many more are extended to all who approach God.  I feel James directs us well in the Bible where he writes, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." James 1:5.  In each of these scenarios worldly knowledge could not have saved me.  I testify it was the tender mercies of God and seeking his wisdom that preserved me to this day.

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