Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Missionary experience

Yesterday I had a wonderful missionary experience with the Sister missionaries, a sister from the stake and a sister that is preparing to go to the temple.  We met at temple square to support and help the sister get more prepared for the temple experience.

We started by meeting with a couple of sister missionaries from temple square and headed to the south visitors center.  There we looked at the temple model and talked about why we go to the temple and had a wonderful time.  As we were getting ready to leave and go to the north visitors center I noticed one of the temple kiosks were not responding I called an Elder I work with to come meet me and sent the others on ahead.  We got the machine working and I went back to meet with the sisters at the Gods Plan exhibit on temple square.

I could tell the sister we were there helping was having a wonderful spiritual experience, and following the presentation went to see the Christus statue and talk about Christ.  After the talk the sister missionaries and the sister from the stake all left to talk in another room while the sister preparing for the temple and I had a nice talk about testimony and Christ.

The experience was wonderful and when the sisters all got back we took some pictures and then I headed back to work.

I share this because the gospel brings joy into our lives like nothing else can.  The prophet king after who I am named King Benjamin taught in the Book of Mormon, "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your God."  I believe the greatest happiness in life comes to men/women then when they are serving their fellow man.  As we bring others nearer to the Savior and God (our Heavenly Father), we are blessed with joy because we gain the knowledge that we will be with them throughout eternity.  These blessings become unfathomable if we think on them for long.

As I think back on the happiest moments in my life I believe they are found when I have served and brought joy to others.

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