Saturday, March 8, 2014

Opposition in all things.

For those that remember my comments on how my life was saved by divine intervention, I now want to talk briefly about the other side of this blessing.  This will likely be the only time I write about this.

The Lord says through the prophet Lehi to his son Jacob there will be opposition in all things.  In 2 Nephi 2:11 "For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things..."  Along with strong spiritual blessings from God the devil is allowed to interject his power to the extent of the blessings we are given.  This is seen with experiences throughout the scriptures, and the biggest story of this that comes to mind is that of the prophet Joseph Smith.

I do not like this topic and avoid it as much as possible, but have felt as I deal with other topics of my life that I need to share this.  I have done some in depth study of this, and feel it much more gratifying to focus on the relationship with God and the bounteous blessings it offers than on the devil and his minions.  That being said it is important to understand that he is as real as our Heavenly Father and that we all are involved in a literal war between the two.

My first experience with this came at a young age.  I had an evil spirit take the image of a young girl and haunt me for almost a week straight.  It finally got to the point where my father stepped in and gave me a priesthood blessing.

As I have stated in earlier posts I believe God blesses us based on our faith and faithfulness.  I believe strongly that I was blessed to have this spirit driven away according to the desires of my heart and the faith of my family and I.  That being said I do not believe it was according to the power of God or any priesthood believed to be held by the AUB church and it's members. 

The next experience also happened while in my youth.  I still remember the experience as vividly as if it had happened yesterday.  I was sleeping over at the homes of one of my grandmothers and was in a bedroom at the end of the hall.  The bathroom was the next room over from me and the first door to the right as I left the room to go down the hall on the lower complex of a fourplex where 4 of my grandmothers lived.  This was the only time I remember staying over night at this particular house.  Although I did go to a birthday party at it as well at one point, and walked through it often as we left church meetings which were held in a larger room in the middle of the two lower apartments of the fourplex.

With these details in mind I start my story.  I was sleeping over in this basement room and got up to go use the restroom.  While I was there I felt burdened by a very negative feeling.  I went to wash my hands and I saw a number of small devils all over.  They were all about 3-4 inches high in the form they took and terrifying to a child young as I was.  I am guessing there were 15 or more of them.  I tried to scream and they held my tongue so I could not.  They were extremely strong and held me mostly immobile though I tried to struggle with all my might.  I cried to the Lord in my mind for I could not use my voice.  That was the last thing I remember.  The next morning I woke up in my bed and was grateful that the ordeal was over. 

Since writing this I have inquired of the Lord and was able to know how this finished playing out that night.  I write this according to my vision.  As I prayed an angel of the Lord entered the room and my mind was veiled.  The spirits left immediately and the angel helped me to my bed where I quickly fell asleep due to the lack of strength from the fight and the experience.

The final experience I will share happened while I was a young adult.  I was in my room and as with many spiritual experiences this happened in my minds eye (or in other words it was more like a vision than something I actually saw with my natural eyes).  I was in a room where I had never before been.  I believe it to be a vacated hospital, based on the memory and the layout of the room and hallway leading from it.  I could feel the evil around me. 

As those that have experienced the wonderful feelings of the Holy Ghost know those feelings are strong and penetrate your entire body.  A person cannot help in some cases but to know they come directly from God.  This was exactly the opposite.  I was literally terrified. 

By this time in my life I had joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and had been ordained an elder.  According to my beliefs this means I have been given the power of God as were Christ and his apostles to work many mighty miracles and act in the name of God. 

As I recognized the feelings and noticed the connection between the other experiences with Satan and his followers.  I started to turn my heart towards the Savior.  At this time a very attractive woman in complete black walked through the wall into the room and started to approach me.  I commanded her to leave and she smirked at me and kept advancing.  I then used a sign of the priesthood and commanded her in the name of Christ to leave and she became very angry.  I knew she wanted to kill me, where she had previously wanted to attract me.  I stood my ground and she left through the wall in the manner she had entered the room.

Now I will share a short comment about my beliefs:  I believe that those that follow Satan can take many forms, even to make themselves appear as an angel of light.  I know that when those spirits from Satan approach us there is hesitancy and fear, and the feelings are not good that over take us.  Whereas the good experiences I have had were enlightening and physical beauty was never used as an enticement, but rather Heavenly personages are glorious and beautiful beyond description because of their very natures.

I wrote this simply to demonstrate to those that follow my blog and those that may read it in the future that these things are real and we all experience both the good and the bad.  Typically Satan and his followers do not wish to be known.  They can much more easily tempt and try us if we are unaware of their presence, but they will not hesitate to use fear and other methods of persuasion to their advantage.

I pour out my heart to all those that read this that they be watchful and pay close attention to the spirit of Christ which is given to every person that comes into this world to distinguish good from evil.  It will guide us back to the presence of our Heavenly Father.  Do not be deceived, because wickedness never was happiness.  We can find temporary reprieve from the things of this world through wickedness, but the consequences are never worth it.  True happiness is only found in doing the things we know to be right and continuing on as we grow in truth and light.

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